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Lawyer, est Membre de l'a.d.c.i. depuis le 17/03/2010.
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   Jhasmin Castañeda is a dual qualified lawyer in Peru and Spain. She graduated from the University of Lima (1997) and holds a Law degree (2004) and Master in Intellectual Property and Information Society Law from the Universidad de Alicante, Spain (2001-2002). She attended to the Intellectual Property WIPO Worldwide Academy in Geneva (1999) and to the Legal, Administrative and Economic Affairs of Intellectual Property signature, with internship at Office of Trademarks and Patents of Spain (1999). Her experience concentrates public practices in Peru as officer of the Intellectual Property Court of Appeals of INDECOPI (1997-2001), and private practice as well in Italy (2004) and Peru at Ferrero Law Firm (2006-present), where she currently provides legal assistance to a wide range of companies on trademark registration procedures and for the adequate protection of their patents and copyrights. She was a Professor of Intellectual Property at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (2009).