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Lawyer, est Membre de l'a.d.c.i. depuis le 09/03/2010.
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   Vedaa Mirazkar is an Indian qualified lawyer. She graduated from KLE Law College, Bangalore, India in 2008. She is an Associate with a specialized corporate law firm - Indus Law, and specialises in the area of Intellectual Property Rights, with a strong focus on trademarks, patent and copyright related matters. She also has wide exposure and expertise in International Law, including European Union, United Kingdom, OHIM and World Intellectual Property Organization. Her professional expertise includes assisting established companies and individuals in managing, protecting and capitalizing on their intellectual property; enforcement and licensing, and the drafting and negotiating of trade mark license, assignment and dispute resolution agreements; taking action on infringement and passing off; providing back up to Firm’s Counsels if it comes to litigation

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