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Sébastien ODDOS

Sébastien ODDOS

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Sébastien ODDOS
Vice-Président de l'adci, est Membre fondateur de l'a.d.c.i. depuis le 28/07/2008.
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   Sebastien Oddos is a qualified lawyer in France (avocat), in England (solicitor) and in New York. He has gained experience in private practice and in-house in Paris (1996-2003) and London (2004-2009). His main focus is on intellectual property law and information technology law from a transactional and a litigation standpoints. He serves as international counsel for a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence (BI) software. Sebastien holds LL.Ms in Intellectual Property Law from three countries: USA (Columbia Law School, NY, 2010); England (King's College London School of Law, 2004) and France (Poitiers, 2000). He also holds a Master in corporate law from the University of Paris XI and HEC Business School (1999) and is a graduate of Sciences Po Paris (1996, Economics and Finance).

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