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Conseil en PI, est Membre de l'a.d.c.i. depuis le 08/03/2010.
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   I am a European and French patent attorney. I am currently the managing director of Vidon&Partners in Shanghai, member of Vidon IP law group which is one of the leading international law firms specialized exclusively in Intellectual Property Rights in Europe and Asia. Our Shanghai office covers all aspects of IP protection in China, Asia and worldwide (patent, trademark, design, copyright, geographical indications, contracts, litigation, enforcement and technology transfer…). Associated with Cabinet VIDON in Europe, our group relies on more than 60 Patent Attorneys, Lawyers and Engineers with scientific and/or legal degree in our 8 offices in Asia (China and Thailand) and Europe (France, Germany, Spain). Prior to working for Vidon&Partners, I worked 5 years in Toulouse for Cabinet Barre-Laforgue & Associates as an IP consultant, 2 years in Vietnam as a technological transfer program officer for the French Embassy, and 3 years for the CNRS as a PhD.