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Stefanie LEUNG

Stefanie LEUNG

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Stefanie LEUNG
Solicitor, est Membre actif de l'a.d.c.i. depuis le 22/02/2010.
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   Stefanie Leung is a lawyer training at Mayer Brown JSM, one of the largest firms in Hong Kong and the Greater China region. An experienced pianist and lover of the arts herself, Miss Leung’s practice focuses primarily on the areas of corporate/commercial law and intellectual property, with a focus on copyright, media and the arts. On the side, Miss Leung is also legal consultant to design and hospitality group 1957 & Co. Miss Leung was formerly an intern correspondent at the South China Morning Post. A native of Hong Kong and fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Miss Leung earned both her LL.B. (First Class Honours) and Professional Certificate in Laws (Distinction) from the University of Hong Kong, where she underwent research relating to IP development in China and was awarded the Hong Kong Bar Association Cup. She is currently reading her LL.M. at Columbia Law School.

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