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Doctrine Indian Institute of Technology - Madras gets award for highest number of patents.

INDE  [Inventions]

The Times of India, Chennai, reported recently that the Indian Institute of Technology - Madras has secured the award for the educational institution or university securing the highest number of patents in the last five years. The institute has filed 78 patents during the period.

The award was instituted by the Confederation of Indian Industries in collaboration with the central department of industrial policy and promotion and the Indian Intellectual Property Office.

Among the other awardees was IIT-M alumnus Lalit Mahajan, who got the award for an individual securing the highest number of patents in the last five years. A release from the institute said, "Many industries and external agencies both in public and private sectors work together with the institute faculty towards development of new products, technologies and processes."

The institute has definite policy guidelines with regard to intellectual property and how it is shared with collaborators. There is a hassle-free, transparent and easy procedure internally to facilitate the patenting process. The Centre for Industrial Consultancy and Industrial Research enables these activities in the institute.

Minister for Commerce and Industry Anand Sharma presented the awards at a function in New Delhi to celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day.

(source : The Times of India, Chennai. ) |News saisie par Vedaa MIRAZKAR le 02/06/2011|